Madagascar Appeal

Our communion collection for May is the Madagascar Appeal and was recommended by one of our visiting ministers.

Eleri Edwards has spent a lot of time in the Community of Mamre FJKM where she worked along with the sisters running a canteen for the local primary school age children (about 100 of them each school day)  and in the prison, which they visited from time to time. Most recently she supported two student midwives who are now registered  and able to work to help their families and be independent from the parental fold.

Eleri tells this story:  “A young man Heritiana, who is longing to do a higher course to help him and more especially his mother, by enabling him to get a better job. His mother Zed was a young lady who was interested in coming to the Mamre community long ago. She came for a trial time when I was in charge there and did a short course as a school teacher. Sadly she had to leave because she had somehow become pregnant before ever coming to the community. A Catholic Sister who knew her from her village,  had written to me saying it was urgent to get her out of her family environment but evidently, although I went to see her straight away in her distant village,  it was too late. People live very close together in Madagascar in poor homes and who  knows what happened.  Her son was born in the late 80’s or early 90’s and that is Heritiana. He is a big help to his mother (still unmarried)  but did not get his Baccalaureat and although he does work and was a gym teacher in a private school for a time,  he is unqualified and gets paid very little.”


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