Extinction Rebellion

I hope you have heard of Extinction Rebellion ! As its name implies, it is a movement that encourages us to rebel against what threatens life. It is deeply committed to caring for the environment. I have heard quite a lot about Extinction Rebellion from my daughter-in-law, Liz, who is devoted to what it is doing. In London its supporters risked arrest when they blocked public thoroughfares. In Manchester they recently filled Deansgate with stalls and exhibits. People were left in no doubt that we are facing an unprecedented global emergency because of our reckless treatment of the environment. I joined the crowds that wended their way along Deansgate, viewing the exhibits that portrayed the danger we face.

I was impressed by the 5 meter Angel of the North sculpture ingeniously created from thousands of waste plastic bags. Next to it, surprisingly, a boat! Who made it? How was such a large exhibit transported it to Deansgate? It was attractively painted bright yellow and emblazoned with the words “Planet before Profit.” We were given a lot to think about in Deansgate. Concern was expressed over the plans to increase the size of Manchester airport and also our city’s failure to reduce the number of diesel vehicles entering the city. This is happening in Edinburgh and Leeds. Why not also in Manchester?

Extinction Rebellion was established in the United Kingdom only a short time ago (2018). Already it is attracting many supporters. Whether we join this movement or not the care of the environment is the responsibility of every one of us and we should make its our concern. The Pope has set us a good example!


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