Quiz About Springtime

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Quiz About Springtime

1 According to the UK Met Office, on what day does spring commence?

2  A strong flexible board from which a diver or gymnast may jump.

3 For Australians, in what month does spring begin?

4 What name is given to the first day of spring when night and day are the same length?

5 Who composed ‘The Four Seasons’?

6 Who wrote the music for the ballet, ‘The Rite of Spring’?

7 The song, ‘Younger Than Springtime’ features in which Rogers and Hammerstein musical?

8 What is the nickname of Bruce Springsteen?

9 ‘Primavera’ or Spring is a famous painting by which artist?

10 What kind of animal is a springbok?

11 What do we in the UK call the vegetable known as scallions in the USA?

12 Which poet wrote these first two lines? ‘Oh to be in England,

now that April’s there’.

13 Easter Sunday always falls on the first Sunday after the full moon following the spring equinox. True or False?

14 What name is given to the Sunday before Easter?

15 Puffins return to British shores from warmer climes during April and May to have their young. What is a baby puffin


16 Bumblebees will start to emerge from hibernation during spring, sometimes as early as February. On average, how

large are bumblebee colonies?

17 When was the first coiled spring manufactured?

18 Who coined the term “Hope springs eternal…”

19 Which term refers to a both psychological and physiological symptoms associated with the arrival of spring, including restlessness and daydreaming

20 According to Greek myth, the return of spring coincides with the return of whom, the daughter of Demeter, who is the goddess of plants and fertility









  1. March 20th
  2. Springboard
  3. September 1st
  4. Vernal Equinox
  5. Vivaldi
  6. Stravinsky
  7. South Pacific
  8. The Boss
  9. Botticelli
  10. Medium sized antelope
  11. Spring onion
  12. Robert Browning
  13. False
  14. Palm Sunday
  15. Puffling
  16. Up to 200 workers
  17. 1857
  18. Alexander Pope ‘An Essay on Man’
  19. Spring Fever
  20. Persephone

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