Prayer – M is for Memories

Our former minister, Revd. Ruth Dillon is writing a series of prayers – this is the one for June.

M  is for Memories

They can come any time, Lord.

They bring me to laughter or tears.


I can be washing up plates at the sink,

or looking at a beautiful view;

then my mind floods with pictures,

dancing in my mind.


Memories can be breathing spaces

where I can rest and remember;

they can sustain me in my hour of despair,

and bring a light into my life.

Occasionally memories are painful,

buried deep within many layers of my psyche,

too frightened to come out of the darkness


Jesus and the disciples had many memories,

like me… some painful and others joyful.


Lord, whatever memories emerge,

may I know that you are with me,

in my hurtful or joyful moments,

holding me tenderly,

like a mother comforts a child. 


Page updated on 4th May 2021.