Prayer – S is for Stress

Our former minister, Revd. Ruth Dillon is writing a series of prayers – this is the one for December.


The tension is rising within me, escalating!

I feel I could blow!!

I want to shout, to scream,

yet the words won’t come,

Only feelings of emptiness, and helplessness.


Spirit of Healing,

Soothe my mind, 

ease my pain and frustrations,

so I can see one thing at a time.

Soothe my heart,

ease my hurt and insecurity,

so I can articulate words  

to those who care for me.

Soothe my unease, 

ease my fear and lack of confidence,

so what I don’t complete today

will be completed at another time.


Jesus, you walked through life… like me,

You faced the pressures, strains and stresses of others.

Help me to receive your peace,

that I may feel your peace

deep within my heart and mind.   



Page updated on 30th Dec 2021.