Prayers – J is for Jesus

Our former minister, Revd. Ruth Dillon is writing a series of prayers – this is the one for March.

Jesus, no word can ever accurately describe

what you mean to me

You are my Guide when I cannot see the way ahead,

my Friend when I need a companion to walk the way of life,

my Confidante so I can share my hurts and joys,

my Comfort when I feel exasperated with the pressures of life,

my Light when the world around me is closing in,

my Answer when I bring questions and need reassuring,

my Hope, when I sense there is no turning back from decisions,

my One, the one whose teachings speak of love and justice,

my Promise of a better world under the guidance of the Spirit,

my Teacher, whose parables touch my life and understanding,

my Pastor, whose Love for me shines from every muscle

my Lover, whose love for me is tender and personal,

my Joy, who dances with me when I celebrate,

my Peace, when the chaotic world invades my being.

Jesus, from whose life I draw strength,

By whose death I am healed,

Whose resurrection restores me,

Bless my love and the relationship I have with you,

For it is eternal and everlasting.


Page updated on 27th February 2021.